Monday, 19 June 2017


image of the book Melody's key के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Melody’s key is a Love story of Tegan (who is later, Named as Tegan Melody Lockwood) and Mason Keane. Both share same passion for Music & they write songs of their own & play piano, guitar with equal amount of interest. Mason a pop star of high acclaim & fan following comes to stay in the Lockwood manor maintained by Tegan’s family. Tegan’s hobbies like painting, drawing, reading, music & art fetches her the love-life.

“Good shepherd, tell this youth what ’tis to love,
It is to be all made of sighs and tears;-
It is to be all made of faith and service;-
It is to be all made of fantasy,
All made of passion, and all made of wishes;
All adoration, duty, and observance,
All humbleness, all patience, and impatience,
All purity, all trial, all observance”
(This from ACT V of Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare)

Author Dallas Coryell‘s Hero Mason sticks to the above said description of LOVE. Testimony to this comes in the form of returning the KEY to Tegan, Releasing their home from the Mortgage loan & handing it over to their parents & regaining the Tegan’s scholarship.

This novel focuses on the impact of financial crisis, which leads the entire family in the autumn season to work in various sphere to meet their ends. Author’s point about the debt, I quote “The debt has always been this evil beast, waiting in the shadows, forever stalking…. Waiting to strike and take everything away.”

Giving priority to the family is a special feature of this novel. Family that eats together, stays together is justified in a very fine tune. Tegan drops out of her education because of the family difficulties. Parents too don’t reveal their debts so as not to disturb their children’s lives. This shows the care & parenting expertise of Mr&Mrs. Lockwood.

Food & Music are part & parcel of this novel. Detailing the preparation of pancakes with different flavours & toppings fulfilling everyone’s needs is a noteworthy point. Music takes a prime place in the novel and songs too are pleasant to read. The Kiss, Blue oceans, Into You, Don’t say Good Bye, Soul of my Soul are the song in the novel.

Prominently, celebrities’ lives are thought as more lavishing & grand, never thought about their darker side, many misunderstanding envelope them & they lead more stressful life. Tegan was also in the same mind set like many people & felt happy to come out of the perspective, I quote “Tegan was grateful for the darkness and distraction of the walk, which allowed her to conceal the mist forming in her eyes.”  She gets clear about Mason.

Author Dallas Coryell is a musician living in Michigan, USA and his work ‘Melody’s key’ is a romantic fiction. KEY in this novel is a symbol of support, energy & positivity to the heroine Tegan. This key discloses her the earlier life of her grandparents, Letters are the major communication in those days, if not destroyed, they expose the secret. Likewise Tegan read those letters and came to know about their love life. Author is successful in bringing out the deep sense of love & sacrifice of violet Patterson.

Melody’s key opens up the Romance in Lymington in about 21 chapters and moves rhythmically with appropriate titles for each chapter.

(This Book Review is done on an email request from the Author)

Monday, 12 June 2017


                                        image of world day against child labour 2017 के लिए चित्र परिणाम


Child labour is a slaughter
Which seizes their laughter
They miss their tutors

Child labour is a process
In which they lose their progress
Child labour is a crime
But it became their prime

Child labour spoils the child
And they become wild

Child labour must be stopped
Tools must be dropped
And they must be topped.

A child should be a learner
But never be a labourer
And they should become learned

A child should be a literate
To change his fate
But never so late

To do now
Is to sow

The seed of awareness

                                                        image of world day against child labour 2017 के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Monday, 5 June 2017

Maintenance of wooden Furniture

Normally in a house hold there are a variety of furniture basing on their requirements, tastes &pocket friendly nature. Wooden furniture are long lasting & are available from age old days. Many new forms & designs are attracting many & in turn find place in living rooms, bed rooms, Balcony & study rooms. Wooden Furniture is an  eco-friendly, easily cleaned & fits to any size & weight.

                                   images of wooden furniture के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Wooden furniture are made to order and mostly customised ones. Carvings are done for specific purpose furniture & are used for special occasions. Maintaining the wooden furniture with same shine &gloss like the new piece requires a simple, yet a strict procedure of Cleaning &polishing.

·       Spread the newspaper under the working surface.
·       Dust the piece of furniture properly
·       If there are many holes or cracks, fill it with beeswax
·       Cut the sand paper into small pieces and rub it over the surface into the direction of grains, until the required smoothness is achieved
·       Dust the surface thoroughly once again so that it is completely free from dust & sand particles.
·       Prepare a pad with cotton and muslin cloth into round shape.
·       Dip the pad into furniture polish and squeeze it completely to avoid patching.
·       Slowly apply over the surface into the direction of grains in the furniture & leave it for some time to dry.
Repeat the application till desired result is attained, i.e shine  and glossiness. 

                                     polishing ofwooden furniture के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Monday, 29 May 2017


m$ mhIne ka mhÅv
     sal me< barh mhIne, hr @k mhIne< ka @k mhÅv hE, m$ mhIne< me< mat&idvs ya nI mdsR fe mnaya jata hE,  #s mhIne ka iÖtIy rivvar kae mat&idvs ke êp me< ivZv_ar me< mnate hE<, yh idn  ma~ ke àit Pyar AaEr _aiKt kae àkq krne ke il@  bnaya gya hE,  ma~ ke il@ Pyar _arI @hsas bCce ke %è se ih haeta hE, leikn iktne tr %s _aavna kae àdizRt krne me< kamyab haete hE< sal me< #s @k idn kae hI shI Apne ma~ se Apne idl kI bat khe< AaEr Apne @hsas kae jtane ke il@ ¢Iiq¼ kafR ka #stmal ikya jata hE<.

               images of mothers के लिए चित्र परिणाम

     iksI _aI musIbt me hae ya caeq lgI ya ddR me< hae tae m~Uh se inklne vala phla zBd hE ma~, s_aI Apne mn me< ApnI ma~ ke il@ Anmael jgh Apr<par _aiKt AaEr fer sara Pyar bnate hE<, leikn %se ApnI ma~ kae bta kr ya oul kr àkq krne ka Avsr hE mat&idvs.

     mat&_aiKt me< svRàwm Aate hE< pi]yae< ka raja géf _agvan jae ApnI ma~ ke il@ #NÔlaek se Am&tklz lakr ApnI ma~ kae bcate hE,  ma~ kae s<kq se bcana hI bCcae< ka àwm xmR hE.

                  image of lord garuda के लिए चित्र परिणाम

     #sI pw pr clte hu@ - sEink, ApnI mat&_aUim kI r]a krte h<E,  pura[ae< ke Aaxar pr p&WvI kae SÇI ya ma~ ka êp idya jata hE,  #s il@ mat&_aUim khlata hE.

                     image of an indian army soldier के लिए चित्र परिणाम

     #sI vjh se mat&vNdn ka _aI phla Swan imlta hE, iksI _aI saihTy %Tsv me< mat&_aa;a me< mat&vNdn haeta hE, _aa;a kI phlI sIo ma~ se zuê haetI hE, #sI il@ vh mat&_aa;a khlatI hE.

               image of matribhasha के लिए चित्र परिणाम

     ma~ se lekr mat&_aiKt mat&_aUim mat&_aa;a mat&vNdn s_aI  ïeó AaEr àamai[k hE, #n ke àit Apne ktRVy AaEr inóa pUvRk rhna %ict haega,  mat&vaTsLy àaiPt ke il@ yh @k Aasan raSta hE.

ma~ ke àit kuD Anmael zBd -

* jnnI jNm_aUimí SvgaRdip grIysI. - vaLmIik>.
* naiSt mat&smae gué>. - _atR&hir>.
* mata ikl mnu:ya[a< dEvtana< c dEvtm!. - _aas>.

* he mat&_aUim tU sTy hI, sgu[ mUitR svRez kI. - mEiwlIzr[guPt. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017


Interiors of a house can be made basing upon one’s likes & dislikes, but just for a variety or special effects interiors of a house can be best treated in a seasonal way. Here are a few easy  tips to make your house a summer treat:

*decorate your house with hand fans, just stick them on to the  corners in the living room as there are many colourful hand fans available in the market. Hand -made or crafted ones can also be brought.

hand fans images के लिए चित्र परिणाम                   hand fans images के लिए चित्र परिणाम

* Tender coconuts are more popular in this season, drink it & use the coconut to place some flowers in it for a day long or store some Water in it, place it on the Dinning- table or kitchen corners & later use to wash the face  it's so cool.

tender coconuts image के लिए चित्र परिणाम

* windows can be covered with mats made of perennial bunch grass of  poaceae  family ( vettiver  in tamil) which gives a  cool effect &  cool  look.

image of vetiver window mat के लिए चित्र परिणाम

* paste wall paper with pictures of drizzling or water bodies which creates an ambience of chill weather

image of wall papers with drizzling के लिए चित्र परिणाम

* Don’t throw off the cucumber used for face packs or kitchen waste, instead place them in terracota bowls along with some pebbles, it will create a cool effect.

* find a different or old glass jar or bottles from the store room, simply pour some water , place a stem of money plant, place it near a window.

image of money plant के लिए चित्र परिणाम

*Enjoy fully ripened mangoes & water melons these are must In the fruit bowls in this season. Go for Ice apple too.

image of ice apple के लिए चित्र परिणाम

* Be ready with scented or perfumed candles & match boxes to face power cuts during nights. Power backs are there, but this can create a whole new experience for children.

images of scented candles के लिए चित्र परिणाम

*Take out the caps & coolers, & place it in a easily reachable place in a neatly displayed way. It can be used to go out during the day or else a new way of displaying the seasonal needs.

images of caps & coolling glasses के लिए चित्र परिणाम

* Mud pots gives a rural touch to your house holds, use one or two pots to store water, place them in two different places, get cool water without electricity.

images of mud pots के लिए चित्र परिणाम

  These small changes in your interiors will enhance the beauty of your house & will also decrease the effect of the heat of this summer. Be safe & cool

Monday, 15 May 2017

Best reads of Summer time - “”Gulliver travels by Jonathan swift”

      summer reading images के लिए चित्र परिणाम

           Summer fetches with itself some leisure time for Everyone. Reading can be a best hobby at any age.  Taste and selection of books may vary, but the enjoyment up to some extent is lauded by all. In general, vacations are mostly synonymous with travels. If one can’t make a travel trip, they can at least go through the travels & experiences of Gulliver.

LORD LYTTON on Gulliver travels: “”And lo! The book, from all its end beguiled, A harmless wonder to some happy child.

                                   images of gulliver's travels by jonathan swift के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Gulliver Travels was published in 1726. The book combines in a measure the interest of Robinson Crusoe and the that of the fairy tale; its style is objective, the narrative is simple, and the matter appeals strongly & can be read with profit by the child as well by the young man or woman of mature years.
Travels into several remote Nations of the world in four parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, first surgeon, and then the captain of several ships, better known simply as Gulliver’s Travels, is a novel by Irish writer & clergy man Jonathan Swift that is both a satire on human nature & a parody of the “travelers’ tales” literary sub-genre. It is swift’s best known full length work, &a classic of English literature.
The book became popular as soon as it was published. John Gay wrote in 1726 a letter to Swift that “”It is universally read, from the cabinet council to the nursery””, since then, it has never been out of  print.

In terms of story- telling & construction the parts follow a pattern;
*The cause of Gulliver’s misadventures becomes more malignant as time goes on- he is first ship wrecked, then abandoned, then attacked by strangers, then attacked by his own crew
*Gulliver’s attitude hardens as the book progresses- he is genuinely surprised by the viciousness &politicking of the Lilliputians but finds the behaviour of the yahoos in the fourth part reflective of the behaviour of people.
*Each part is the reverse of the preceding part – Gulliver is big/ small/ wise/ ignorant, the countries are complex/ simple/ scientific/ natural, forms of government are worse/ better/ worse/better/ than England’s.
* Gulliver’s viewpoint between parts is mirrored by that his antagonists in the contrasting part- Gulliver sees the tiny Lilliputians as being vicious & unscrupulous, and then the king of Brobdingnag sees Europe in exactly the same light; Gulliver sees the Lilliputians as unreasonable, and his Houyhnhnm master sees humanity as equally so.
* No form of government is ideal- the simplistic Brobdingnagians enjoy public executions and have streets infested with beggars, the honest and upright Houyhnhnms who have no word for lying are happy to supress the true nature of Gulliver as a yahoo and are  equally un concerned about his reaction to being expelled.
*specific individuals may be good even where the race is bad-Gulliver finds a friend in each of his travels and, despite Gulliver’s rejection and horror toward all yahoos, is treated very well by the Portuguese captain, Dom Pedro, who returns him to England at the novel’s end.

Gulliver’s Travels is a very modern and complex novel. There are subtle shifts throughout the book, such as when Gulliver begins to see all humans, not just those in Houyhnhmn- land as yahoos.
Also, although Gulliver is presented as a common place “’every man’, lacking higher education, he possesses a remarkable natural gift for language. He quickly becomes fluent in the native tongue of any strange land in which he finds himself, a literary device that adds much understanding and humour to swift’s work.
Despite the depth and subtlety of the book, it is often classified as a children’s story because of the popularity of the Lilliput section as a book for children. One can still buy books entitled “’Gulliver’s Travels’’ which contain only parts of the Lilliput voyage.

                                      images of reading के लिए चित्र परिणाम